Why an association of business Lowers exercising in Cameroon ?

The diversification of the offer on the legal and judicial market as well as the competition it generates obliges today’s lawyer to specialize in increasingly specialized areas ranging from environment to that of new technologies, while passing by sport‘s law, those of communication, mines, gas, oil, aeronautics, stock market, etc …

Parallel to this inflation of the domains of law and the internationalization of its practice, we have seen a real success in the harmonization of business law with the application of the OHADA Uniform Acts by 17 countries in sub-Saharan Africa where legal practitioners have embraced conflict resolution, arbitration and mediation.

This change in the legal and judicial world has naturally led to a more or less controlled growth in the number of lawyers in Africa, and particularly in Cameroon which does not always allow the various Bars to perform their ordinal mission and as well as the follow-up of the crucial activity of the specialization of their members, who are often animated by divergent aspirations and interests, the expectations of a criminal lawyer which are not always the same as those of a publicist or a business lawyers.

The interest of our association is therefore to bring together the lawyers and advocates in training whose professional activity is mainly focused on business law in order to discuss the specific topics related to the exercise of our profession with regards to the legal support for all forms of investments in Cameroon, in the perspective of improving and securing the business climate.

In this regard and beyond the missions of the association as specified in the draft by laws which will be debated at the constituent general Assembly on the 10th of October 2018, the ultimate goal of CBLA is to put the Cameroon Business Lawyers Association at the same level of competence and confidence as those of the so called “international” firms systematically solicited by certain investors to the detriment of local professionals, sometimes victims of the negative prejudice that we must imperatively remove.

I therefore invite all colleagues who share this ideal of exigency and of competence in the practice of business law, to join us for the constituent General Assembly of the Cameroon Business Lawyers Association (CBLA) set for the 10th of October 2018 at Cabinet CT-AVOCATS in Bonanjo from 16h to 19h 30.

In the meantime, any interested person can give his opinion or suggestion concerning the bylaws now downloadable on this site.

Best regards.

Barrister Charles TCHUENTE
President of the Organisation Committee

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